Our Mission

In order to instill a culture of security consciousness, end user awareness training, and security education are needed. Securenode realizes that these needs of businesses and nonprofit organizations vary from specific network services or consulting work to special, turnkey projects. These organizations require their information systems to enhance their communication options and improve efficiencies, while the business focuses on growth and profitability.

“Securenode provides training solutions to meet your security goals.”

To meet the specific educational needs of companies, SecureNode offers customized security awareness training courses to ensure clients learn what they need to know about security.

Customized security training provides organizations with the quickest and most cost effective way to educate their employees of security.

Securenode Cyber security training has become an essential part in developing a team that is capable of and ready to protect and defend an organization, institution, agency, or government entity. Results from independent surveys indicate cyber security attacks are increasing while at the same time a significant shortage exists of qualified individuals with adequate cyber security training. Securenode is the global leader in cyber security training for corporations and government entities. Please take a moment to discover cyber security training courses and cyber security training events near you .

CEHv8, CISSP, LPT, CHFI, ECSA and other security classes can be taught at the customer’s location to reduce the time staff members are away from their daily tasks/projects and travel expenses; but clients may also use Securenode’s avail online instructor led raining programs or online self paced training.

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